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Calculator - What Would It Cost To Run Your Own Virtual College or University

Length of Courses (Years)
  One Year
  Two Years
  Three Years
  Four Years
Number of study weeks in an academic year
Number of courses
Average number of students per course

Labour costs

Administrative and support staff per hour
Lecturing staff per hour

Administration and support

Include all aspects of administration, support and help desk, processing computer marked assessments (CMAs) etc.
Number of hours of support per student per year

VE Lectures

Average number of VE lectures per course per week
Time to prepare a new lecture (in hours)
i.e. 7 hours to write lecture notes and record lecture
3.5 hours editing by professional editor
1.5 hours answering questions whilst being transmitted
Average length of a lecture (in minutes)

Tutor Marked Assessments (eTMAs)

These will be submitted electronically
Average number of eTMAs per student per week
Average time taken to mark a eTMA (in minutes)


Average number of students per tutorial
Average length of a tutorial (in minutes)
Average number of tutorials per student per week

Final Exam Fees (per student)

Average cost of final exam
Average fee charged by the local assessment centre where exam is taken
Included here but in practice probably would be paid direct by the student

Annual cost of providing the technology platform, support staff etc

Enter a gross amount

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